The story

Understand – Down Under

Stand under – stand below

Hi …

I am Titree.

We have a story to share, – that’s why

“.org…anisation” in

We come later to that.

There are many places on our mother earth that have an auspicious spot …. geomantic reasons, places increasing personal fantasy by looking around, also real natural facts, as spring water sources, mountains, and special formed islands humanity found anytime good to worship.

Check out, where churches are, …. holy places.

So there is no doubt on special powers of certain spots.

The Tjukurpa is the aboriginal teaching about the red center of Australia.

Uluru – “Ayers Rock” – is heart. 

Any indigenous person touches his heart by speaking from.

In the year 2000 the ‚Rainbow Caravan of Love and living Light‘ pilgrimed towards consciousness about there.

In honour and compassion for all the people we want to tell our story.

Within our amazing rainbow caravan of love we reached the red center

in Central Australia.

Quite keen to live god’s given law to be in nature,

our caravan people always looked for peaceful outdoor places to stay overnight.

But the closer we came to Yulara, the more difficult it got, to rest peacefully.

As nowhere else.

After sleep early morning white rangers came to declare us illegalicy.

In this high controlled area people are supposed to move only into certain ressort-spaces.

Or – in a very difficult process to apply at CLC for a ‚permit‘ to visit ‚Aboriginal land‘.


Our rainbow caravan succeeded to get an extraordinary invitation spoken out in Yulara by the eldest of the keeper-tribe of Uluru, the Mutitjulu.

So we got their guests, we could stay at the festival place of the village.

So blessed, honoured we felt to receive the beautiful like ceremonial given invitation, that – after a circel in Yulara, an amazing caravan of more than 50 formed and drove into the Nationalpark south of Yulara, that is in the same as well the Mututjulus land in our days.

A blessed day round Uluru showed us so much, like the scull, that is a magic form up in the rock, caves from the view down show up like a perfect also human scull,

that is like a miracle. 

In a ‚higher‘ point of view from the heart there is sunsetside Kata Tjuta (got a duty, ah) and sunriseside Atila (king-warrior-hero) from “Ayers Rock”.

All the area is explaining so much!

The mountains are the trinity in nature, westerners ‚dreamtime‘ , in origin the Tjukurpa, is the human life long path to speak up about what nature is telling.

In that area.

The heart, the child, the fire (in german language all three with the article ‚das‘ inbetween ‚die‘ and ‚der‘) …

the heart, the child, the fire in middle.


This already explains enough.

‚Piramid‘ means from greek ‚pira‘ and ‚mid‘ middle, the ‚firemiddle‘.

The heart, the child, the fire (in it’s cultivated use…)

Any shot needs a centered fire.

So is this a ‚morphogenetic field‘, to programm unconsciously alive being’s hearts?

The secret of the Piramids.

Occupy anybodys heart by a certain look into reality,

like somebody wants to be people like this, best all?

My heart, … and anybodies else …, is not shaped in towards the top smaller sqares.

Thats visible on the One Dollar, and a something weard describing hirarchical structures,

as some may need.

Around the village “Titree” there is as well an exact sqare in the maps, the only land like this I have ever seen in a map.

Todays owner of this land is the Queen of England.

We experienced the far connections, languages have.

European and from old Australia, or maybe better, Aranlamaqua languages proof with simple words, that there has been anytime sharing knowledge between people.

Just one more example: 

We stayed a while in „Malupinti“ area, literally translated from Pitjantjara-language „footprints of the canguruh“.

The sand there is so stable by some rainwater, that a thin blown layer of sand above is very best to paint on in the sand.

„Malen“, german, „paint“, english, in Malupinti …

It is healthy to share this all, to raise earth-spirit-knowledge.

So please:

Check out reality!

It’s beautiful.

Kata Tjuta, sunset, Yin, Mmmountain, is a fascinating formation, showing thousands of views of M.

More like this M from Mc Donalds, round shaped domes.

“Mt. Olga” is about ‚.org‘.

‚r‘ and ‚l‘ are phonetical nearby.

So it is about organisation as well as orgasm.

Our organs in the body.

‚Got a duty, ah‘ is so nice Yin, for a pregnant couple.

Atila, sunrise, Yang, proud round flat table mountain, is like an abandoned, even forgotten place ….

Sunrise is morning.

At earlyday all beings have in collectiv consciousness the question, what will be on the following day.

We get our vision – for that day.

Vision is in german ‚Wunsch‘, the wish, and for life absolut needed.

All human creations come out of personal wishes, this or that to be.

Its free… possibly that’s why “Mt. Conner” is declared in our days as the ‚forgotten wonder‘.

The mountain, the area should be included in the ‚Kata-Tjuta – Uluru National park‘.

By real understanding it has to be the Kata-Tjuta – Uluru – Atila National park.

Rebalancing in conscious the heart inbetween the sacred Yin and Yang mountains will be

very healthy and supports a huge planetary liberation.    

It liberates the middle, by balancing forces.

Atila is in 90 km distance from  Uluru.

Kata Tjuta is in 50 km distance from Uluru.

The line of these three is the natural Trinity, is copied for example by the pyramids in Egypt.

Many many details have been seen

describing so amazing life

just out of the nature,

that it should not be missed in our consciousness anymore.

It should get into common knowledge.

Teatree, as free singer from Freising,

had to experience, that his given hame ‚Dietrich‘ changed into Titree in Israel.

By cooking tea for thousands under a big tree in the desert.

He is born at 24. June, St. John’s day.

St. John’s wort is the most important healing plant in Europe, said Paracelsus.

He is an ancestor of any western medical direction in our days.   

What Europe needs is the  origin, and not the business that is made by the globalisators.

So called “Teatreeoil” stands for actions of global players.

We don’t need in Europe that healing plant from the other side of the planet, originally named

Mela Luka (Australia) and Manuka (Newsealand).

We don’t need onions or apples, potatoes or beans from the other sides of our planet.

The transportation is just possible by the manipulated costs.

We all have to pay.

What we need are the origins, as the St.Johnswort oil.

This oil is traditionally selfmade in big use allover Europe.

So, as other healing plants, in various european countries,there is the attempt by various governments to declare St. John’s wort as illegal …

The grabbing of some people for money rules.

Like this we never will succeed for our children.

Like this, our common planet will finish us humans.

We have to act another way.

Let the way of the heart shine through.

Titree G. Lawrence is the translation of the persons given german name Dietrich G. Lorenz.
He is not involved in any Titree- (or Teatree-) business.

This might change in future within essential respect to all.